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These links point to other internet resources for more information on the flute and flute playing.

Europe’s oldest flute organisation and a charity dedicated to celebrating and advancing the flute and flute-playing in Britain and beyond.

This site contains information and resources for learning about the transverse flute and flute-playing in Western Europe and America over the past 800 years.

This wiki-how article explains how to tune your flute to others in your group, along with why it works.

Formed in 2015 to encourage and develop sustainable and strategically important projects across Europe through co-operation between European flute associations.

The Flute Examiner is an online publication & newsletter about the flute & flute pedagogy.

Piccolo Resources on The Flute Examiner site.

An online magazine for flutists, by flutists.

United States of America flute organisation.

This is an informal listing of the huge number of non-professional orchestras and ensembles in the UK.

Wikipedia's starting page for the western concert flute family and its wide range of instruments.

We all know about Yamaha instruments. This link takes you to their page on the flute, it includes articles on Flute Origins, The instruments structure, How a flute is made and detailed care and maintenance.

Roundhay Parochial Hall is a community Hall in north Leeds, providing space for a wide range of classes, groups and clubs. Leeds Flute Consort's rehearsal space for one.

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