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Caring for you flute

  • After playing clean out using your cleaning rod and a polishing gauze. NEVER return your instrument after playing to its case without cleaning out first.

  • Sticking keys can be fixed (sometimes) by using "cleaning paper". Place the cleaning paper between the pad and the tone hole, press lightly a few times. If this doesn't clear the sticking, then take your instrument to a repairer for them to take a look.

  • A cheap alternative to "cleaning paper" is cigarette papers sometimes called Rizlas.

  • Periodically. clean your flute using a soft cloth. Taking care to remove dirt from around the mechanisms.

  • Periodically - at least once a year - get you flute serviced by a professional repairer.

  • NEVER place grease on either of the metal tendons on your instrument. Cork grease is ONLY for instruments with cork in the connecting parts, like a wooden flute or piccolo.

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