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A New Flute Choir

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Since we’ve all been allowed to meet indoors again after the covid-19 pandemic, I’ve been hoping to go back to a flute choir. There are a few flute choirs in Yorkshire, but they either meet for only an hour per rehearsal, at times that don’t fit around my work hours, or at non regular intervals. So, as I used to run a flute choir about 20 years ago when I lived down in West Sussex, I’ve decided to try to set one up myself.

The name given above is only a “place holder” till we decide on a more permanent one. I picked “consort” as it’s an old name for a group of musicians, and is still used for recorder groups.

I’ve found a venue in Roundhay, that is quite reasonably priced at £20 for 2 hours, and is available on Sunday afternoons, with an onsite kitchen. There is some (limited) on site parking and a free car park quite close.

I feel strongly that regular practice and at least one concert a year is a must as it gives the group something to work towards. Therefore I propose to start with one 2 hour session in the afternoon, 2pm to 4pm, on the first Sunday of each month. With one concert, time, date, and venue to be decided at a later date. Hopefully growing to 2 sessions a month.

I have quite a few pieces of flute choir sheet music from the choir i used to run, so we would have some to start with.

As well as the £20 room hire the group will have to obtain liability cover, and I’m looking into how much this would be. Initial costs of insurance appears to be In the order of £50 a year. Each player will be responsible for getting their own instrument insured of course. Depending on circumstances we may need to get a performance “licence” for the concert, at present I don’t even know where to go to look into this, but I assume it’ll cost something. These costs would mean I need to “charge” to cover expenses depending on the number of people who come to the group. If there are only 4 of us then I’d have to “charge” £5.00 a head to break even with very little left over to buy new music. Therefore new music could be funded by any concert we give.

At this stage I don’t intend to set up a group bank account as that would incur more costs to the fledgling group. However, I will make it totally transparent how much we have and what bills have been paid.

At the start I’m happy to do all the admin, librarian, even conductor / MD, unless anyone else wants those jobs.

My ultimate aim would be for the group to be self sustaining, with a committee, and bank account etc, having 2 rehearsals a month and at least one concert a year.

I would not put a strict ability level on new players, but suggest at least grade 3 or equivalent and we could do a “buddy system” pairing less able players with more experienced ones, thereby bringing along new players. I don’t intend to restrict the age range, but if anyone who wants to play is under 18 they should be accompanied by a parent or guardian - otherwise someone would have to get a CRB (or whatever its called - regarding safeguarding) check (more cost to the group).

I have an alto flute, a concert flute and a piccolo, it would be beneficial if we have access to another alto or a bass flute (something I’m hoping to buy next year) so we can add some depth to the pieces we play.

I think that covers everything, but I’m sure i’ve missed something. If you’re interested let me know and I’ll add you to my mailing list for updates. I won’t spam you.

  1. 2 hour session (including set up and take down)

  2. 1st Sunday of each month (2pm to 4pm)

  3. Cost per player £5.00

  4. Venue cost £20 per session

  5. Insurance £50 per year (to be confirmed)

  6. Grade 3+

  7. 18+ (younger if accompanied by a parent / guardian)

  8. One concert a year

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